Monday, August 16, 2010

Quilt Top

Andrew's Quilt Top

I've wanted to make a quilt for my youngest son for ages, but teenage boys aren't exactly interested in that sort of thing. Then this summer he happened to pull out a quilt from the closet to use on his bed and told me the next day that he wanted one.

He chose the colours (so not my colours, I love cool colours) and the design. He originally wanted it in pure solids so it took some convincing to go for the marbles. It had to be symmetrical - no fancy patterns. The plan was to make it big enough that in a pinch it could go on a queen sized bed, but it's really closer to double size. He's currently in a twin so it'll be plenty big enough for that.

Andrew's Quilt Top

It's 8 colours of moda marbles (3 reds - red hot, brick red and california red, 3 oranges - popsicle, electric and carrot, key lime and flag ivory) in a 10 block repeat sashed with moda solid in black.

I ordered the backing today (black marble) and the binding will be in one of the reds (red hot). All the fabrics were ordered online because the local quilt stores here in Ottawa simply cost too much. I got this fabric for $5-$8 online so even with shipping the price doesn't come close to the $17/m I would have paid locally. Makes me sad (and feel guilty), but the money tree hasn't started producing for me yet!

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