Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Pillow to match the Throw

Corded pillow

Shortly after completing the throw for the family room I ordered more fabric to make matching pillows. Problem was, my sewing machine gave up the ghost. After a lot of going back and forth, I finally decided to buy a new one.

Corded pillow

Corded pillow

So I tackled the pillows today and wow, I felt like a completely new sewer (I've been sewing since I was a little kid). This was my first time tackling cording and it's hard! Don't let those cute tutorials fool you ... it's hard! I would not even attempt to give anyone instructions but I will give a noob tip - I sewed the cording on using a zipper foot trying to get as close to the cording as possible, but then I went back again and found I could get closer. I even went around the corners a third time to get really close.

Corded pillow

Once the cording was on I then did another new technique - the invisible zipper. Again, don't let those nice little tutorials fool you ... it's hard to install an invisible zipper! Well, I guess not hard, just fiddly. But check out the end result. Do you see the zipper - no you don't (except the end but that doesn't count).

Corded pillow

I am extremely pleased with how this looks, especially next to my new Capiello poster. Oh, did you notice there's only one? I am really trying to talk myself into making that second pillow. Unfortunately there was only one zipper at the fabric store in the size I needed so it's on hold for now. I could start on the cording but I need a break.

Corded pillow

In case you were wondering, the machine I chose is the Kenmore Limited Edition 17 stitch. It's a great, basic machine. Smooth and great attachments. My old machine was a Kenmore so the learning curve was very small.

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Tricia Rose said...

That looks wonderful and you did very well - nothing wrong with having several goes at it!

barbara@hodge:podge said...

The pillow looks great. I made one this week with piping as well and totally agree- harder than it looks. I think of myself as a experience sewer but the piping was a challenge, trying to get a nice corner took me three tries as well! I can't believe you tried a invisible zipper as well! That is one thing I hate doing. I'd sooner buy a throw pillow!

Your pillow looks amazing-pat yourself on the back!

Kim said...

These projects look fantastic, I love the pretty fabric you found. I'd love for you to link with Fabric Fun Thursday this coming week :). Cording gets easier- I promise - zippers not so much. Polly at http://makeminebeautiful.blogspot.com/ has a tutorial, too, I don't know if that would be any more helpful

Christie said...

What a lovely set! The cording really adds a polished finish. And it looks perfect.

Love what you've done with your lampshade! :)