Tuesday, June 22, 2010



I just finished knitting a beautiful stole. It's a Jared Flood pattern called Willoughby (rav link). This is one of those patterns that looks difficult, but is actually quite simple and straightforward. Although I never managed to memorize it, it repeats along certain patterns that makes it flow easily off the needles.


The only mod I made was to leave out the bobbles. I actually think they look great, but I loathe making them and I knit for pleasure so there was no way I was making 120 bobbles! I made the longer length but only did a total of 20 repeats per side because that used up almost exactly one skein of yarn per side.


I used Tanis Fiber Arts yellow label DK in Sand. The colour variations are gorgeous and subtle. There's almost a purply colour in there every now and then. This is my second time using Tanis' yarn and I highly recommend it.

If I were to make this again (which is highly unlikely, but you never know) I think I'd only do one yarn over along the edge. I find the two yarn overs a little bit too wide, especially after blocking.

Monday, June 14, 2010

How to turn a lampshade into a quilted throw

Alternate title: How to get the perfect throw for your family room in many easy steps:

Go to IKEA to buy lampshades. Don't buy the lampshades but find perfect quilted pillow covers for your bed instead.

Said pillow covers will only come in a set with a quilt and will NOT be in stock when you are there so stalk the IKEA website for a couple of weeks until more arrive. Oh, the quilt will be cut down to become a throw for your couch.

Buy a queen size quilt (you know almost 4 times too big for your couch) because you need two pillow covers for your bed.

Wash the quilt and covers, put covers on the bed (admire), leave the quilt hanging around for several weeks because all good projects need time to mature.

Visit at least 2 fabric stores because one will never have the fabric you are looking for. Buy half a meter of gorgeous Heather Bailey fabric even though it's not the colours you were looking for because you know it's hopeless trying another store.

Image from the Heather Bailey Store: Pineapple Brocade in celery from the Pop Garden collection.

Cut down the quilt to approx. 140 x 180 cm. Forget that you have to cut off the quilt's rounded corner so it will actually end up smaller.

Spend at least 2 days googling quilt binding techniques because you've never actually done one properly before. Fix your sewing machine (um, yeah, sort of fix your sewing machine). Sew on binding using these fantastic instructions by none other than Heather Bailey.

Quilt binding

Spend at least 1, preferably more, days researching how to attach the other side of the binding to the quilt. Realize that your sewing machine can't handle it so decide on hand sewing.

Quilt binding

Using a ladder stitch, make an invisible seam on the other side. This will take many days (not done yet) but the end result is so satisfying.

Quilt binding

If it ever gets finished (you know, that maturing process we already talked about) put it on your couch for tv/movie viewing cuddling.

Quilt binding

Quilt binding

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