Friday, May 7, 2010

I lived with these for 10 years

light before
10 years, yes, 10 long years I lived with these freakingly ugly light fixtures. When we bought our circa 1970 house all the original swedish ball lamps were still in place, expect in the kitchen where these beauties had been installed. Look at their lovely faux finish - would that be verdigris? We did take them out of the kitchen, but for some reason (I think we ran out of money) we reused them in the back hallway and laundry room. So for 10 years I've put up with these. But since renovating the kitchen I've found that my tolerance for ugly in my house has gone down. Finally, last weekend we picked out these new fixtures. ♥♥♥.
light after

Unfortunately, they only had one in stock so I'm still living with my faux finished beauty in the laundry room. Please lighting store, please call and put me out of my faux finish misery.
light after

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Catherine said...

That is a beautiful fixture, where did you find it?