Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Not Feeling the Thrift Store Love

thrift store cutlery

I love decorating with vintage things.  Vintage, retro, antique, whatever you call it I like the style. I have been drawn to many of the blogs that I follow because they use this style - urban farmhouse, country (I don't like that word, reminds me of decorating with ducks), cottage, beachy - love it. And I've learned from my blog reading that the best way to do vintage is through thrift stores.  Makes sense.  Up until now I've been a fleamarket/ebay/etsy shopper.  But I wanted to try some stamping on spoons for Mother's Day so I thought it would be faster to check out the local thrift store.

Now, I have been to thrift stores before and I admit, I'm just not a fan.  Can't place my finger on it, but I just have never had any luck.  But yesterday I found myself with a little free time so I headed off to my local Goodwill.

thrift store cutlery

And I have to tell you ... I just don't get the Goodwill love.  This stuff was not exactly cheap and pretty sparse for such a big store.  For example, there was a white bowl, nothing special, wasn't a brand name or anything - $9.99.  Seems a bit steep for a thrift store.  There was very little silverware - 99¢ a piece (is that reasonable?).  I picked up a few spoons and a fork just so I wouldn't leave empty handed (and I'm dying to try the stamping thing).  I don't know ... think that's my last trip to Goodwill.  Maybe it was just a bad day? Maybe I'm being unrealistic about the price points?

There is a second hand shop close by that I've never tried.  Maybe I'll pop in there later today and try them out.  Someone has to sell the junk beautiful items that I love.

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hockamama said...

I like to cruise through Goodwill and Salvation Army here in town. But I agree, some things are just way overpriced. I think maybe they've realized that more and more people are shopping there out of desire and not necessity. One of the blog ladies that I read goes to Goodwill on $1 day (mine doesn't have this) stocks up on name brand clothes, then resells them on Ebay. She's made about $4000, with which she'll fund a family trip to Disney World. I wish that would work for me, but if I buy some fancy jeans for $4, they'd have to sell way good to make it worth the time and shipping cost.

However, I have found some great things at these places. Some days I'm luckier than others. I love your stamped spoons, by the way! They're really cool. I got several silver spoons at Salvation Army last year (.25 each) that I used to make a windchime for a swap. That was pure luck, because every time I've gone in since then, I've hunted for me to keep on hand, with no luck.