Friday, February 5, 2010

Weeks 4-5

I didn't post last week because they only worked two days (Tuesday and Friday if I remember correctly) and it was just paint and trim.  The doors went up early this week.

Day 21

We finally picked a wall colour - Behr Sandstone Cliff.  I wasn't crazy about the swatch but now that it's on the walls I'm pleased.  It has just a hint of green in certain lights and enough grey to make it look nice against the white cabinets.

Oh yes, we have cabinets!  Probably the most exciting part of the project so far (maybe tied with tearing down the walls).  By the end of the week all the boxes were installed, most of the valance was up and the island was in place.  I was so nervous that the island would be too big, but it's perfect.

Day 24
Day 24

On Monday the counter guy will be here to measure for the quartz countertops. They will overhang 30cm (12 ") on two side for eating.

Day 24

The appliances are still on order because we thought this project would take a lot longer than it has.  The lights for over the island aren't in yet either.  And since we can't pick a chandelier I figure the bare bulb will be our modern touch.

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