Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Team Canada - Ravelympics 2010

Skele-gurumi medal


It's kind of goofy for non-knitters, or more specifically, non-Ravelers, but I'm a member of Team Canada for the 2010 Ravelympics.  Basically team members pick projects and enter them into Events.  Finished objects win a medal of honour.  So far, I've completed one project and received one medal.  Silly yes, but lots of fun.

Event - Skelegurumi
Project - Minions by Heather Sebastian (my project)
Yarn - Elann Limited Edition Cantata

Minions collage

These little guys were great fun to make. I don't usually like making toys because I detest finishing, but I had no problems with these. I added beans to the bottoms of the hands, feet and bodies so they actually sit up by themselves.


My next event is WIP Dancing, where I am going to try to finish my unfinished zigzag socks. I finished one today and will try to get to work on the second this evening.


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