Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Various Knitting Projects

I haven't updated my knitting projects in a while, so instead of individual posts I'll just throw them all together here.

Christmas Knitting:

Niece #1 - Bella's mittens and Twisted beret (rav link only) in Cascade ecological yarn (natural)
Both of these patterns were fantastic and this yarn was so soft.  I modified the Bella's to fit a 10 year old by starting on row 24 of the pattern and using thinner yarn.  They fit perfectly.  I didn't do any mods to the beret.  I would highly recommend both patterns.

Niece #2 - Classic mittens and Star crossed slouchy beret (rav link only) in Cascade 220 (natural and confetti)
I've made several pairs of classic mittens because it's just a good basic pattern with several size choices.  The slouchy beret is a great pattern, but I wasn't crazy about it in the thinner yarn.  Fortunately the recipient was thrilled with both.  I think it was the pink.  I used sprial stripes for both patterns but knit the mitten cuffs in just the confetti.  Blogger is really dulling these pictures - the pinks are actually a lot brighter irl.

Mother-in-law:  Ogee lace scarf (rav link only) in Cascade ecological yarn (beige 8016)
I don't like knitting scarves because of the boredom factor, but this one flew along in the bulky yarn.  The lace pattern is really pretty but this yarn was itchy.  Nothing like the natural.  I ended up doing several conditioner, Soak, vinegar and glycerine rinses to get it to the point where I think it's wearable. I also did a very light blocking so the leaves stayed very organic looking.

Father-in-law: Ultimate stashbuster Juneau hat in various leftover yarns (malabrigo, Cascade 220, Tanis Fiber Arts)
I used the Juneau pattern, but substituted various motifs from the ultimate leftover vest.  I love the way this turned out - very pretty and very warm.

Charity Knitting:

Foliage in Andy's Merino lined with Sisu
I love this pattern, but it's for charity and needed to be warmer.  So I picked up stitches inside the brim and knit a lining using the Sisu doubled.  I did it in reverse stockinette so that the purl bumps would not show through the lace.  It turned out really well - warm and soft.

I think that catches me up to the various projects I've cast on in 2010.  They will have to wait for another post.

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