Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Kitchen Reno - Day 1

Today's the day - demo starts on our kitchen.  It's 6:52 so it'll be quiet here for another half an hour then wham ... total chaos.  The plan for today is to load the rest of the furniture into the pod, dismantle the kitchen and rip up the floors.  They will also be cutting holes in the ceiling to see what we are in for re reinforcing the ceiling.  Fingers crossed this is one of those good surprises days.

I haven't downloaded the before shots yet, but I can't have a pictureless post, so here's a generic shot of the pod.  I'll have to remember to take a picture of ours before it leaves for podland.  There's a little more snow surrounding ours.  Update: here's a picture of our pod - surrounded by snow as promised.

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