Thursday, November 19, 2009

Mittens to Match

As soon as I finished the Miller's Hat I knew a matching pair of mittens was in order.  Originally, I wanted them to be grey with red cuffs, but the amount of remaining malabrigo dictated the design.  The following picture shows how much yarn I had left after weaving in the ends.  I would have added another round to the body of the mitten if I had had just a little bit more yarn.

I used the cable pattern from Cheryl Niamath's fetching (rav link) for the cuff, but added one extra repeat to make them longer and crossed the cable in the opposite direction on the second one to make them symetrical.

The body of the mitten is based on this classic mittens (rav link) pattern.  This is a great, traditional mitten pattern with a gusset thumb (a neccessity for me) and rounded top.

The cuff (grey) is Patons classic merino and the body (red) is malabrigo worsted. Everyone should have a pair of malabrigo mittens - they are just the softest thing without being fuzzy.  Now to see how well they hold up.

(my project on ravelry)

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