Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Just because ... I'm addicted to labels

One of my latest obsessions is labeling everything.  I'm just showing you my spice jars, but believe me, there are many more of these babies around the house.

The technique I use is simple enough.  Print the labels onto full page white shipping labels (I use Staples brand).  Before cutting them out, cover them in clear contact paper.  That way the ink is protected from moisture.  Then just stick them on.

I made the spice jar labels by photoshopping these beauties from Eat, Drink, Chic.  I also stole used her idea of looking up the Latin names in an online encyclopedia.  I think they look so neat and tidy lined up in the cupboard.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Just because ... the spare room was icky


I had quite a few projects on my to do list this summer, but sadly, time only allowed for the completion of this one.  We had company coming and I refused to let anyone stay in our icky guest room again.


I used the new Behr paint with primer - not a fan.  It's expensive (for Behr) and did not cover very well.  If it was a more used room I would repaint, but it's just a guest room that doesn't see a lot of action so I will leave it.  The colour is Offshore Mist.

The "dream" is one of those vinyl wall words that I picked up at Michaels.  I had to explain to my family that I'm not "into" the word dream, it was just the only word that made sense in the room and came in white.  They were pointing out all sorts of things - pillows, art, etc. - with the word dream on it over the next few weeks.  Yeah ... no.


I painted out some existing cheap, brown plastic frames with glossy black craft paint, added inexpensive mats from Michaels and framed up these batik names of my boys I bought when they were just little guys.  Love them against the blue walls.
The lamp (you can see it in the picture below) was originally hunter green so I spraypainted it with the ubiquitous Rustoleum Heirloom White.  I don't think this will last long term (it scratches easily) but it was good in a pinch with company coming and no time to shop for a new lamp.

I already had the bedding.  I made the duvet cover years ago from two flat sheets and a zipper - easy peasy.  The small pillows are pillow cases folded over and pinned in place.

I've had this old spice rack forever but never liked the look of it. It also got a coat of Heirloom White and I bought these cute spice jars for 99¢ each at Canadian Tire. Wish I had a before shot of it, but just picture that old, dark stained wood - ugly. Now I just need to hang it up.

The "art" is canvases I bought years ago with Amy Butler scrapbook paper modge podged over top. I hung them with these 3M picture hangers - it's sort of like velcro. 

The hangers made it so easy to get them lined up properly because it's very flexible.


The closet is my favourite part of the room.  When we had the hard wood floors installed years ago the closet doors were all too long and couldn't be adjusted.  So this room just had a big gaping hole full of all my craft junk - rather scary for guests.  

I bought the curtains at IKEA (Hedda Rund ) and cut off the tabs.  Then I took the rings off some existing curtain rings, opened up the remaining ring and hung them hook like over the existing door hardware.  I'll try to post a better picture.  They don't move that easily so it wouldn't be a solution for a bedroom, but it works well to hide all my junk in the guest room.

You will notice that there is no full room shot.  That would be because I use this room to hang my laundry (when we don't have guests!) and it currently has two full racks of laundry beside the bed.  Someday I will add a full room shot so you can see the lovely old desk the spice rack is sitting on and where the artwork is hanging.  

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Just because ... I needed a fresh start

I'm resurrecting my ancient blog ... hadn't posted since 2007.

Going to try this out for craft projects and see how it goes.

But no pressure!